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Life Coaching Testimonials

Dina is excellent with making a connection, and she takes the time to learn what you hope to get out of her skills as a life coach. Dina listens to your aspirations and encourages you to reach your potential. She even includes some mindfulness exercises to put your head in the right place. After a few sessions with her, I was able to better prioritize my personal needs, and as a professional care taker, I was never used to being able to take care of myself without feeling guilty. She really takes the time to listen 6 and offer guidance. It's been a month, and I am still focused on balancing my needs with those that I serve, and I've never been able to do that before. I am incredibly thankful for Dina's sessions, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get their mind in a better place and plan for their future.   ~Ashley R, New York

Private Yoga Testimonials

Hi my name is Barbara Dyer and I'm 52 years young. I have enjoyed yoga classes immensely with Dina of DHarmoney1440. She's friendly caring kind patient and funny. She is also very thorough with her approach and explanation of poses and I really enjoy them. Her classes capture the philosophy and presence of movement that calms my mind and keeps my body healthy and strong. Namaste.    ~Barbara D, New Jersey

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